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500ml PET Bottle Filling Machine Adopt 316l Stainless Steel Spring Clipper

500ml PET Bottle Filling Machine Adopt 316l Stainless Steel Spring Clipper

500ml PET Warm Filling Machine for Milk Ultra Clean Line 

UCRRGC series ultrea clean filling machine was developed by our company according to combining years of experience and absorbing oversea technology. It is integrated with sterilizing, rinsing, filling and capping with features of reasonable design structure, beautiful surface, easy operation and maintenance, high automation degree.


Technical features: 

It adopts neck clipper transferring structure, can maximumly accept bottle difference, then the whole line running becomes more reliable.

It adopts 316L stainless steel spring clipper to do the 180 degree turnover action when sterilizing, disinfactant will be sprayed vaporificly to the inner bottle. No bottle no spraying.

  • It adopts stainless steel spring pressing structure in the rinsing clipper, then it has the features of accurate open and closing timing, stable holding and etc. It adopts non-contact neck transferring way to avoid contamination during the transferring;
  • It adopts big turning bearing supporting structure to make the machine running more stable. It adopts bottle fluctuation pressure filling theory during filling process to guarantee the quick filling and correct filling level. It has the feature of no bottle no filling. It can filling different size of bottles by simply adjusting the related parts’ height and changing related spare parts; 
  • It adopts horizontal rotating pneumatic cap scrambler, with the functions of no damaging of cap surface, auto cap supplying when lacks of caps in the hopper; 
  • It adopts central lubrication system to make the machine more easy and quick to maintenance;
  • It adopts human-computer interface operation system, PLC control system and stepless speed variation frequency converter and other auto control technology with features of no bottle no valve running, waiting when absence of bottle, stop of machine when absence of caps in the cap sliding chute and etc. It adopts excellent stainless steel in all the parts that will contact with water. It adopts imported main electrical and pneumatic components;

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