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3-7 Multilayer Packaging Films , Milk Packaging Material For Pouch Filling Machine

3-7 Multilayer Packaging Films , Milk Packaging Material For Pouch Filling Machine

The aseptic pouch material is a specialized packaging material designed to extend the shelf life of liquid and semi-liquid products while maintaining their quality and freshness. This material is specifically engineered to provide optimal protection against external factors that can degrade the product over time.

The aseptic pouch material with long shelf life typically comprises multiple layers that work synergistically to create a highly effective barrier. These layers may include:

Inner Layer: The innermost layer is often made of food-grade polyethylene (plastic) or ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer. This layer acts as a moisture and oxygen barrier, preventing the entry of contaminants and maintaining the product's integrity.

Middle Layer(s): Additional layers such as aluminum foil or metallized films are incorporated for their excellent light and oxygen barrier properties. These layers provide an extra level of protection against light exposure and oxygen ingress, reducing the potential for product degradation and extending shelf life.

Outer Layer: The outer layer of the aseptic pouch material is typically made of paper or a combination of paper and plastic. This layer provides structural integrity to the pouch, ensuring durability and ease of handling.

The combination of these layers in the aseptic pouch material effectively protects the packaged product from contaminants, light, oxygen, and moisture. This barrier helps to preserve the product's quality, taste, nutritional value, and overall freshness for an extended period.

Aseptic pouches with long shelf life are widely used for packaging a range of liquid and semi-liquid products, including juices, dairy products, sauces, soups, and baby food. The advanced barrier properties of the aseptic pouch material contribute to the product's longevity, allowing for extended storage and distribution without compromising quality.

By utilizing aseptic pouches with long shelf life, manufacturers can ensure that their products maintain high quality and freshness, providing consumers with a longer period to enjoy the product while minimizing waste and maximizing convenience.
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