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Shanghai Precise

200-330ml Aseptic Prisma Filling Machine, with Straw or Cap Applicator

200-330ml Aseptic Prisma Filling Machine, with Straw or Cap Applicator

GC-Z-V-6000 (SQ)
7500 packs/hour

The distinctive eight-sided shape of the aseptic Prisma package serves as the perfect canvas for captivating and eye-catching modern package design. It allows for the creation of attention-grabbing packages, making it easier than ever to establish a truly unique brand identity.

The aseptic Prisma shape fits perfectly in the hands of all sizes and ages, providing a secure and comfortable grip. Moreover, the variety of available openings enhances its versatility. With caps specifically designed for lips and optimized flow for on-the-go consumption, it offers convenience for those who are constantly on the move. On the other hand, its larger pouring area and reduced gulping make it ideal for at-home functionality. In essence, the Prisma shape is a design that caters to all needs and occasions, making it a truly versatile option.

The aseptic Prisma filling machine is ideal for packaging a variety of liquid products, including milk, non-soda beverages, fruit juice, coffee, plant-based protein drinks, tea, and fruit wine. It is also suitable for filling liquid herb tea, dairy products, cream, yogurt, mineral water, soy milk, and other gravity flow-type liquid foods that have been sterilized using the UHT.

With its versatility and adaptability to different liquid and granular products, the Cap Applicator offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of packaging needs.

* The Cap Applicator is specifically designed for application on 330ml Prisma-shaped containers.


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