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1L Aseptic Brick Filling Machine For Milk and Beverage

1L Aseptic Brick Filling Machine For Milk and Beverage

1L Aseptic Carton filling machine
PBA-16000 (1000B/S)
6000 packs/hour

The 1L Aseptic Carton Filling Machine is specifically designed for high-capacity milk and juice packages. It is equipped with core components sourced from world-class brands, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability. The machine automates key processes, including paper feeding, sterilizing, filling, and forming. The packaging format utilized is a paper and aluminum laminated brick shape, providing a secure and convenient container for products.

This specialized machine is suitable for aseptic packaging of liquid milk, non-carbonated beverages, fruit juice, coffee, plant protein drinks, tea beverages, fruit wine, and other gravity flow-type liquid foods that have undergone UHT sterilization. It caters to the unique needs of high-capacity milk and juice manufacturers, delivering efficient and hygienic packaging solutions.

With its high-quality components and automated functionality, the 1L Aseptic Carton Filling Machine offers reliable and efficient performance. It ensures the aseptic packaging of various liquid products, contributing to the preservation of product quality, safety, and extended shelf life.

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