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Aseptic Packaging Material For Milk / Juice Package (Multi Layers Laminated)

Aseptic Packaging Material For Milk / Juice Package (Multi Layers Laminated)

Cartons are commonly used to package food and drinks, providing a long shelf life without refrigeration or preservatives. They consist of paperboard, polyethylene, and aluminum, ensuring durability, protection, and resistance to heat. These cartons are widely used for various products, maintaining quality and freshness while being convenient for consumers.

Aseptic packaging protects liquid food and preserves its color, texture, natural taste, and nutritional value without the need for preservatives or refrigeration. The combination of our aseptic processing and packaging solutions makes distribution highly cost-efficient.

Our aseptic packaging method involves passing flat, unformed packaging material through a heated hydrogen peroxide bath. The hydrogen peroxide concentration used is 30%, and it is heated at 70°C for six seconds. Subsequently, the hydrogen peroxide is removed from the packaging material using pressure rollers or hot air.

An aseptic package is sterilized prior to being filled with UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treated food, resulting in a product that remains shelf-stable for over six months.



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